Fitness testing

Fitness testing

Fitness testing

Every new AMP member gets a full InBody fitness test.
So we can tailor your workout to your
body and your fitness needs.
body composition

find out what you're made of

Take a full InBody test as soon as you join us. Forget the scales and your BMI. In just 20 seconds, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of your body fat to weight ratio, muscle mass, strength and mobility. Results you can trust. Health and fitness goals you can achieve.

we track progress

Success starts here

At AMP, it’s all about your progress and your achievements. That’s why we check in with you on a regular basis for fitness and functional testing and adapt your workout plan as your body changes.

inbody results sheet

understanding your results

Your InBody test is a totally accurate and detailed analysis of your body composition and strength. It’s tells us everything we need to know to create the ultimate results-based workout for you.

understand your weight

muscle fat analysis

Most of us have pretty good idea of how much we weigh, but how much of that weight is muscle, fat or simply water? And how much do we need to lose (and gain) to get healthy? InBody has the answers.

set your goals

obesity analysis

InBody analyses your body fat to weight ratio (Percent Body Fat). More accurate than BMI it focuses on fat loss, not just weight loss, so you can improve your health from the inside out.

measure your strength

segmental lean analysis

Discover how many kilos of lean mass you have in different parts of your body and which exercises get the best results.

track your progress

keep on testing

InBody isn’t a one-time only test. We test regularly, so you can monitor and track the changes to your body, as you get fitter and healthier.


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