The ultimate wearable fitness tracker measuring
intensity and effort of every exercise you do.
what is myzone?

See real results in real time

Training is a challenge. Tracking your progress shouldn’t be. Nothing gets you more motivated than seeing your workout effort turn into results. That’s why, at AMP, we use MYZONE – the most accurate exercise tracking system.

Monitor your heart rate, energy output and calories in real time. Keep track of your progress and challenge your friends. And because MYZONE is connected, our coaches can keep up with your progress and performance too.

why we use myzone

It’s all about effort

MYZONE is unique. It makes exercising fun and engaging. Instead of measuring
speed or ability, it measures the amount of effort you put in. The more effort you
put in, the more MYZONE effort points (MEPs) you clock up. The more MEPs you
get, the more you’re motivated.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, MYZONE levels the playing field, so you can
work within your individual fitness zone, push yourself more and get rewarded as
you get fitter.

always accurate

Keep track of your progress with 99.4% accuracy.


MYZONE rewards keep you motivated to put in the effort and get the results you want.

stay focused

Real-time feedback on effort, heart rate and calories.

anytime, anywhere

Hassle-free syncing with smartphone and smartwatch apps and Apple Health.


myzone effort points

MYZONE effort points (MEPs) measure intensity-based physical activity and reward
the effort you put in, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out.


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